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Achieve Your Goals

We all need champions in our lives to help propel us forward as we strive for success, help us to figure out the way when we're at a crossroads or to overcome challenges when we're feeling stuck. Even the strongest among us can feel unsure, ambivalent, or stuck at times. As a professional coach, I help you to increase your awareness of your key strengths as well as any areas that it would benefit you to develop further as you progress. The skills, habits and behaviours that got you here, may not get you to where you next want to be. I provide both the challenge and support that enable you to gain insight and perspective, develop clear goals, as well as  the habits and behaviours that will enable you to achieve those goals.


I believe in the deep impact that each individual can make when they find their purpose and unlock their potential to create their own success.


My passion lies in helping people and organisations to harness and develop their unique potential. As an executive coach and consultant, my role is to help transform potential into performance through one to one coaching and delivery of high value education, support and strategic planning programmes.

By developing strong coaching relationships, embedded in trust, I help clients to clarify their core values and purpose, understand their innate drivers as well as tackle any limiting beliefs and assumptions that stop them from achieving their best. I believe deeply in the importance of taking time to think and that the quality of our thinking is critical to all that we do. I focus on creating an optimal environment for deep thinking, reflection and supportive challenge that can provide real movement.



Support That Makes a Difference

Organisations are increasingly using coaching and embracing a coaching culture to drive greater organisational performance, that leads to new levels of productivity and goal attainment among teams but in a more sustainable, satisfying and enjoyable way. The result is not only a greater financial return on investment but one that nurtures the principle asset of any company, it’s people, ensuring that they feel valued, give their best and stay longer.

My coaching style considers the whole person supporting them to achieve their own outcomes in a more sustainable and fulfilling way. From working closely with highly talented entrepreneurs and business leaders who are tackling complex issues, I have gained significant insight into the challenges that these leaders and their teams face.



Transformational Leadership

As a key business leader you are always striving to create opportunities to propel your business forward, inspire your team to greater heights and achieve great results. But also face the challenges of operating sustainably while managing multiple stakeholders, competing priorities and constant time and resource pressures.

It can be an isolating and highly pressured experience.

Our sessions will provide a confidential and reflective space and time to think. Whether your aim is to gain clarity on strategy, improve communications, achieve greater productivity or be a confident and inspiring leader, you can make a positive difference in the world through the way you lead and manage your organisation

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Leadership Management Ireland

As the world of business continually changes and evolves, the need for effective leaders also skyrockets. To become a truly empowering enterprise, a business must develop leaders throughout the organisation. In fact, the organisation of the future is one where everyone is a leader. It is only when people can lead themselves that they can genuinely be creative and innovative. In association with Leadership Management Ireland, I deliver programmes on personal effectiveness, personal leadership, people leadership and organisational development.

Leadership Management Ireland is the official representative in Ireland of Leadership Management International, Inc. (LMI Inc). LMI Inc has been at the forefront of the Leadership and Management Development industry for over forty years. We specialise in results driven, measurable, bottom-line improvement through a unique process of management development.

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Leading Yourself

Life is hectic and we are so busy doing that we rarely take time to focus on why we do what do or how we could do it in a better or more satisfying way. My role is to help you find your purpose, understand the values and motivations that drive you, and use them to develop your goals. We will work together to overcome any obstacles and embrace the challenges and opportunities of a balanced and fulfilling life.

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If you require some additional support around defining your business purpose, developing your strategy or understanding and communicating the impact of your organisation I may be able to help. I have worked with a variety of organisations on all aspects of their organisational development. 
I also provide workshop facilitation and team development services.

Bridge Over River

“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


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